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The Mansfield Art Center

Kids & Canvas

Art Exploration Summer Camps


with All Instructors

Calendar Next available session starts Jun 13, 2022 at 9 am, runs for 1 week
3 additional sessions through Aug 1, 2022

Art Exploration Summer Camps

With :

Oliver ray, allison Bloom 

Victoria Hoefler 

Yani Sheng

Nikki Noel

Nick Christns

Tony Sansalone

Yasminah Rawls

Pia Douglas


9 am to 3 pm

Monday through Friday 


  • Camp 1: June 13 - June 17
  • Camp 2:June 27 - July 1
  • Camp 3:July 18 - July 22
  • Camp 4:august 1 - august 5


6 to 12 years old


 $300 per child per camp .

We believe that children learn best through the process of discovery and exploration!

The active learning, or “hands-on” approach, is developmentally appropriate for all children regardless of their age.

Each camp will consist of hours of fun art discovery mixed with outdoor activities and lunch. 

Children will have the opportunity to discover an array of mediums ( see below) that they normally would not have access to in a school environment. 

Eache day, the young artists will experience 2 new mediums, eat, play and exercices.

Our instructors and volunteers are dedicated to make each camp, a memorable time for the children!

Children are expected to  bring a packed lunch and drinks as it is important that they remain hydrated throughout the camps.

Should you have any question you can email: 

or call the Mansfield Art center @ 419.756.17.00

Children will have the opportunity to experience the following mediums:


Play with pieces of kilned glass like a puzzle to make a picture!

Polymer Clay

Imagine, Create and make your story come to life! Have Fun.

3D Printing

Real life technology at your fingertips. Print a frog from a computer...Fascinating!

 Glass Blowing

Glass Blowing will leave you in awe as you watch and help create a vessel from liquid to solid!

 Block Printing 

Discover the ancient art of block printing and create your own. 


Develop your artistry for life with a good understanding of the color theory.

Fiber Art

Experience the fun to weave, knot and create  3 D projects with fibre Art.


Awaken your imagination and develop multi-sensory experimentation in sculpting baby Groot.

Glass Fusing

Yes this is Physics... Learn how you can create a solid Glass feather with just powder!

Lantern Making

Understand the origin of a foreign culture as you cut, paint and decorate a lantern of your choice! 


For a moment in time, calm will ensue for those interested in origami.

Thank you for your support to the Mansfield art center.

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